I’m Danielle Bukowski, a literary agent at Sterling Lord Literistic. I represent award-winning, best-selling, critically-acclaimed authors.

I’m looking for literary fiction, upmarket fiction, nonfiction and SFF (although I’m pickier about the last two). I particularly want to hear from writers traditionally overlooked by the publishing industry, as working on books that represent the world is important to me. My favorite novels balance a unique hook and well-paced plot with strong writing and a distinctive voice; are entertaining and thought-provoking; have a strong sense of place; are stylistically bold; speak to our current moment or are set in a historical moment that resonates with our own.

My favorite nonfiction books expand my view of the world; provide an unconventional perspective on a conventional topic; are rigorously reported and researched; weave in personal interest; read like a novel.

If some of the above describes your book, please submit using this form: I’d love to read it.

The award-winning, best-selling, critically-acclaimed authors I represent include: Erin Eileen Almond, Jack Balderrama Morley, Andrew Boryga, Meg Charlton, Jinwoo Chong, Gina Chung, Tembe Denton-Hurst, Charlee Dyroff, Toniann Fernandez, Keziah Frost, Nick Fuller Googins, Caroline Glenn, Edgar Gomez, Nathan Gower, Mark Haber, Joseph Han, Elizabeth Hand, Stephanie Jimenez, Nancy Johnson, Jane Kalu, Stephen Kearse, Naomi Kritzer, Melissa Ludtke, Professor Tom Mole, Benedict Nguyễn, Emily O’Neill, Katherine Packert Burke, Sylvie Perry, Rafe Posey, Katie Prout, Mariam Rahmani, Katherine Seligman, Stacy Skolnik, Chelsea Voulgares, Bryan Washington, and Olivia Wolfgang-Smith.

They have written books such as